Inside a fraternity recolonization: Chi Psi at Ole Miss

Inside a fraternity recolonization: Chi Psi at Ole Miss

In May of 2007, things came to a head for Chi Psi at Ole Miss.

“It wasn’t one thing, or one event… it was a long, gradual decline in being a fraternity.”

From left: Stephen Habat, Doug Buglewicz, Daniel Hooks

The alumni, in partnership with the university and the fraternity’s central office, decided it was time to close.

This episode covers a decade of planning, doing and learning, as the group worked to rebuild the fraternity from the ground up, literally.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • the key components and critical decisions of a recolonization.
  • building an epic names list and hosting a great coffee meeting.
  • the highs and lows of this beautiful thing we call fraternity.

Listen here. ⬇️

Selected links from episode 9 with Chi Psi

Read more about Moneyball and the art of fraternity maintenance.

Here’s the video I referenced in the end of the episode. As Doug would say, “Welcome to God’s country!”


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4 thoughts on “Inside a fraternity recolonization: Chi Psi at Ole Miss

  1. Jon –
    this is really cool – it reminded me of one of those audio essays one hears on national public radio – the music, the commentary and color you offer interspersed with interviews. the production value is somewhat similar. I don’t think the NPR audience at large would be interested in all these topics but I bet you could come up with something greek life related that would resonate with a broad listener base. kudos. Chris Wong , psi delta ’87

  2. Brother Moore – thank you for this. I love that you’ve chronicled the fall and fantastic rise of Gamma and captured the work that the CO (and especially visitors), the alumni (and especially Brother Buglewicz), and the colonists. It’s an especially powerful tribute to Doug-

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