About Greek Life Today

Hi, my name is Jon. I help fraternity and sorority leaders see Greek Life differently and empower them with resources for improving their chapter.

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My Background

In 2006, I joined an upstart fraternity at Miami University. With no alumni and no house, we grew from 17 men to more than 50 in the span of three years.

I then spent three years as a leadership consultant for the Chi Psi Central Office, working with undergraduate and alumni leaders from 30 of America’s top universities.

Since 2012, I have been an alumnus advisor for my local chapter and a volunteer facilitator at the national level.


My Mission

To elevate the fraternity and sorority community by sharing inspiring stories and practical advice from chapters across North America.


“It seems that there is a story that surfaces almost weekly that paints fraternities and sororities in a negative light, so Greek Life Today is truly a breath of fresh air.” – Sam M.


The Greek Life Today podcast

  • New episodes released (almost) every Tuesday.
  • Episodes feature fraternities and sororities of all kinds.
  • Topics include:
    • Recruitment
    • Developing high-impact philanthropy / community service events
    • Alumni / alumnae success stories
    • (Re)starting a chapter
    • …and more. The show will continue to evolve over time.


“This podcast is so needed. There is tons of amazing work going on in Greek Life, but not nearly enough publicity. Thank you for helping to shine the light and encourage Greeks to keep changing the world!” – Katie B.




  • We need new ideas in the fraternity and sorority world, plain and simple.


  • Between chapters and their campus peers, community members, local businesses, advisors and more. Doing epic things requires partnerships.

Service to local communities

  • I believe that the time, talent and enthusiasm of chapters members can be a powerful force for solving problems in local communities and the world.

Personal development

  • The beautiful thing about Greek Life is seeing an 18 year old student evolve into a ready-for-anything young leader.


  • My goal is to preserve amazing stories in time so that these episodes can be shared with future members of the organizations profiled and maybe even the future children of the people interviewed. Over time, I see this having the potential to become an archive of national best practices.

Interfraternalism (being proud to be Greek, regardless of affiliation)

  • As we hear stories from organizations that are not our own, we realize how we are all connected and the walls of “us versus them” come down. We unite!

I am deeply committed to the long-term success of fraternity and sorority life. I hope you will join me on this journey and become a member of the Greek Life Today community!

If you read this far and are still looking for more, you can contact me.

Otherwise, check out one of the latest episodes.